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Rack Cabinets provide custom solutions for industries including data cabinets for military applications, hospitals, data cooling, and cable management. Great Lakes standard products are specially designed to be compliant with the privacy rule requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) with OPA numbers available for our most popular racks, enclosures, and wall mounts. 

Great Lakes Rack Cabinets understands the unique requirements of government and military applications and are ready to deliver in accordance to those special needs. And as a metal fabricator, Great Lakes is not only able to provide data center and wall mount applications to meet the needs of the military and government, but we are also capable of creating unique products for specific needs.

Here are a few examples of solutions that we have provided customers:

  1. A government agency required a completely customized enclosure. Based on the standard ES Server enclosure, the custom enclosure platform included vertical cable troughs, adjustable depth horizontal troughs, cable management fingers, junction boxes, and unique PDU brackets. The horizontal cable troughs were also designed to protect equipment from potentially damaging electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The agency requested purple and red enclosure doors in order to visually represent the type of equipment mounted inside each enclosure. 
  2. Great Lakes has designed a variety of command/console systems for several military and government agencies. In one particular application, the console was designed to hold equipment and video monitors on adjustable arms, and we worked with the clients to meet their specific depth requirements to ensure the number of workstations would fit within the determined space. We designed the workstation and monitor arms to meet the height requirements of seated operators so that they could view both their monitors as well as a large display screen located on an opposing wall. 
  3. Several overseas military installations initially used open racks to mount IT equipment which now required additional security to restrict access. The military could not afford down time, so they contacted Great Lakes to develop a solution. We created a unique wrap-around system to enclose the various open floor and wall racks with a security shroud we attached to the wall and floor. The shrouds offered a cost-effective solution to provide heightened security and were designed to be assembled on-site.

CALL 800-335-0229 for your custom data cabinet needs.

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