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Data Center Cooling Solutions by Great Lakes

Great Lakes has a wide variety of Data Center Cooling Solutions to support your current, planned and future needs. Let us help you"Future-Proof" your data center.Cooling Solutions

Whether you are working with "hot aisle/cold aisle" configurations, ducted exhaust, slab floor or any variation of containment, the Great Lakes ES Series is the right rack enclosure for your data center needs. The flexibility and functionality of the Great Lakes ES Series enclosure allows for Multi-Generational Product Planning (MGPP) within your data center space, to support your current, planned and future needs.

Our extremely diverse portfolio of Data Cooling Solutions has been engineered to help provide a solution to any future networking, data or equipment-related challenges. Our goal is for the enclosure to have the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the data center space, allowing for growth and technological advancements without having to worry about whether or not your enclosure will be "up to the task."

From cable troughs and ladder rack brackets, exhaust chimneys, air managers and fan assisted doors, to a closed-loop water-cooled enclosure kit, Great Lakes' portfolio of enclosures and accessories is designed to support any changing or evolving requirements you may face during the entire life of your data center. That's "FUTURE PROOFING."

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